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Fares and Passes


The fares vary by Route as shown in the three tables below. Half fares are for Seniors 65+, Medicare Card Holders, and the Disabled.

Fixed Route Fares (Routes 1-8, 10, 11)

Route 21

Notes: 31 Days Pass is accepted on the Route 21. Day Pass is valid on the Route 21.

Route 29

Note: 20-ride passes are accepted on the Route 29 but require 2 punches to the ferry and 3 punches to BART.


Transfers are issued at the time of boarding the only exception is on the Routes 10 and 11 where passengers can request one upon disembarking the bus. There are no transfers between Routes 10 and 11 or to the Route 29. Transfers are allowed to the Route 21. Transfers are valid for ONE hour after they are issued.

Mobile Ticketing Options

Recently NVTA has contracted with two mobile ticketing companies and are currently in a trail phase with each. The companies are HopThru and Token Transit. Both can be downloaded for either Apple or Android devices. Each have all of the Vine’s fare media available on each. There are not special discounts and it is the intent of these products to make it easier for passengers to purchase fares.

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